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Here's a round-up of some of my favorite resources for musicians! The resources on this page are great no matter how long you've been in music lessons.

Care and Maintenance Videos

  • Step by step instructions for caring for your instrument


  • My favorite apps for musicians


Our Favorite Apps

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.25.42 PM.png

Practice treble clef and bass clef notes with or without the aid of a keyboard

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.26.56 PM.png

Versatile metronome

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.28.02 PM.png

Chromatic Tuner with some nice transposition features

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.31.13 PM.png

Ear training app that starts out very easy and builds confidence quickly

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.29.32 PM.png

Huge database of tabs for guitar, bass guitar, piano, and ukulele

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