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Our Testimonials

Read the words from our satisfied Students and their Parents.


I wish I could give Megan ALL the stars in the world; 5 does not seem enough. She has taught my son guitar for 9 years, initially in person and, since. COVID, also on line. She has incredible patience, and immense musical knowledge, and such kindness and also boundless enthusiasm for ALL music and instruments! She is also just a great and super smart human being! She was easily able to translate her in-person experience to teaching him online, so I recommend her either way -without any hesitation! ❤️


I honestly think one of the best decisions of my life was deciding to take a lesson with a music teacher I found through a friend. I was nine and desperate to find a teacher who would take me seriously and help me grow as a musician. I remember first liking her Harry Potter necklace, and then being so surprised that she taught me in an hour the chords I had been trying to learn on my own for six months. Six years later, Megan has become not only my mentor, best friend, and biggest supporter, but has also modeled for me how to be a strong, confident woman in today's society. She constantly pushes me to be better, and she is always there for me whether it be for music theory questions or movie suggestions. I would not be where I am today musically, lyrically, or emotionally without Megan and her amazing lessons. I owe so so much to her and continue to learn so much from every class. She is everything I hope to be and the best teacher anyone could hope for.


Megan has truly changed our lives. She nurtured my daughter’s love of music into produced albums, a love of music theory and just hours and hours of bliss. Megan is an artist and treats kids as fellow artists — she has a gift with both music and teaching. I could go on and on! Our whole family feels lucky to know her.


Megan is an excellent music teacher that helped show me different ways to overcome challenges that I was having. She is very patient and kind and she worked hard to make connections with me and personalize my lessons.


Megan has been instructing my sons for over 8 years. She began with piano but as their interests grew and changed, she helped them move to learning the electric bass, drums and ukulele. My kiddos have very strong personalities. I do not put them in classes with just anyone. Megan has consistently showed up with strength and excellence, inviting my sons to not just grow in their love for music but in their character. They have learned to persevere when things are challenging and Megan is there to guide them in that with a mastery that is hard to find anywhere else. As an educator myself, I have been deeply impressed with Megan’s musical ability and her absolute to connect with and instruct my kids. She has been a huge part of their development, not just in the arts but in their lives.


Megan is not your ordinary private music teacher. She is very unique. She started by getting to know my kids likes and dislikes in the music and song realm. Then she used that to motivate them to learn the skills necessary to play that kind of music. She used small phrases from music they like to encourage them as they built their skill set. Her teaching goes beyond the mechanics of notes and rhythms and pitches. She lead my kids from the books and sheet music into creative improvisation and song writing. She is also excellent at making the theory fun. She is fabulous. She also teaches a lot of other instruments.

Joy W

Megan has been wonderful: Arrives on time, every time, and is super pleasant and most importantly my son is actually starting to play the trumpet! Couldn't have asked for a more talented and punctual teacher!

Mark W

Megan is teaching my 6 yr old son the Ukulele. I love that she is professional, on time and works well with my son who can sometimes be a bit rambunctious and distracted. Other teachers we have tried have been flaky and unreliable. My son is progressing really well and having a good time. I'm so glad that we found her.

Christina L.

Megan has been teaching my 6-year old daughter ukelele for about 2 months now. She is very encouraging and my daughter really responds to her style. I highly recommend her -she is so patient and sweet and my daughter is learning a lot. We are very happy with the results.

Debra A

Megan actually taught my daughter ukulele, piano and clarinet. Eventually, they were going to add guitar too. My daughter LOVED working with Megan who was always fun, professional, and challenging. We were very sad for us, but happy for Megan, when she was given a career opportunity that meant she had to pause lessons. We would not hesitate to have Megan be our daughter's teacher again but wish her much success on her new endeavors! Thank you Megan!


I love Megan, she is such an encouraging and engaging teacher. She is very patient and kind, and she inspires me to learn more and practice to improve my piano skills. She teaches both me and my younger sister, and adapts her teaching style to our very different personalities. She is always on time, and always ready to dive in! I have had many music teachers and have taken music classes in the past, and I can honestly say that Megan is my favorite!

Dani K

I can't say enough positive things about Megan. She works with both of my sons, teaching them piano. They have extremely different personality types and learning styles. It is amazing to see her adapt, creating the best learning environment for each of them. She has given them so much more than knowledge of how to play. She has given them a love for creating music.

Mandy I

Megan is fantastic, always on time, professional. Ty seemed to really enjoy and benefit from her lessons.

Ty K

Megan is such a great instructor. She is enthusiastic, kind, patient, and very talented. Highly recommend her!

Gloria G

Megan was very knowledgable and she made my lesson fun and understandable to a novice like myself. Bi can't wait for my next lesson!

Rey G

Five Stars!

Jay T

Megan is wonderful. She is punctual and thorough, very kind and very patient. She has a mastery of her instruments and a fun and patient style of teaching.

Lili W

I love the fact that Megan manages to balance exercises that are really fun and easy for me as well as some which are harder and which I need to work on. She adjusts the pace to my abilities and I always feel I have accomplished something after our lessons, which is great.
She lets me chose songs, but always has suggestions, if I don't.

Linda V

Super great!

Olivia S

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